What others are saying…

Photo of Brandon Rodriguez wearing the Fury FC jersey and the Captains armband.

“I appreciate Everett’s ability to compose visually stunning photos, brining my memories to live every time I look at them.”

– Brandon Rodriguez

Photo of Stephanie Ortez wearing her El Salvador jersey.

“I’ve never been so excited to join a zoom call especially to talk about my feelings.

The impact of the training camp on my brand/footy had a huge one follower wise! I went from 800+ to 1280+.

I have become more open about my journey. I talk about what has happened throughout the months and I’ve now talked to athletes wanting to go pro, telling them to have a strong mentality… resiliency and perseverance.

I would recommend Stevie’s services to any athlete who feels confident enough to try new things… a challenge. This was a challenge for me but I love a challenge.”

– Stephanie Quintanilla

Photo of Johannes Buehler in a Fortuna Dusseldorf jersey.

“I really wish I would have talked to Stevie 4-5 years ago at my highest value as a soccer player. It would’ve really helped me through my career to not only rely on agents, coaches and other people. I would have been more confident in training and matches because I would know that I can build a brand with what I have.

I really would recommend Stevie’s work to every soccer player, to build a career while you already have the fans.”

– Johannes Buehler

Photo of Josh Heard in a purple Pacific FC jersey.

“I wanted to have a brand that I whole heartedly and authentically believed in. I also wanted to find a way to connect that brand to the people around me. Not only has Stevie helped me achieve this, he has given me tools to reach even people outside of my initial sphere of influence.

With extreme dedication, Stevie has helped me build a thoughtful brand, reach my target audience and help execute my gameplan to build a better tomorrow. 10/10 would recommend to anybody looking to maximize their potential.”

– Josh Heard

“Jax was really excited after he got off the [first call with Stevie], I think he connects with [Stevie] in a great way. Jax has been journaling everyday including 3 wins, an opportunity for improvement and an act of kindness. He also loved making the videos for [Stevie]. We’re looking forward to the next one!”

– Jaxson