Our story may sound familiar to you.

I’m Stevie, your mentor, strategist and the founder of Postur.

More Than A Game

Stephen Ewashko signing a soccer ball for a young fan.

Footy has been my life since before I can remember. I have the typical story of sleeping with my soccer jersey, a ball, and/or my new boots every night. That’s all I ever knew and all I wanted to be growing up. Eventually I left home and for eight years I had the privilege of living out my dream on the pitch, playing soccer at both semi-pro and professional levels in countries like Chile, Mexico and Germany. I admired those before me who left meaningful impacts on my life, some players who are know by millions and others who were known by only a handful of people — it didn’t really matter to me at that time.

I yearned to be like them and, with my career, make a difference in the lives of young footballers like myself one day. However, it ended much earlier than I originally planned and I was left un-prepared to make massive decisions for my future.

Loss of Identity

All of a sudden I found myself completely lost, struggling to find my purpose again, to make sense of it all, and to find my motivation for continuing forward. After years of grappling with it all I realized that even after the final whistle had blown on my soccer career, my drive for making a difference and leaving a meaningful impact remained. The transition was tough, but I knew I had more to give.

Life Beyond Footy

I then discovered another passion… Digital Media. Through post secondary education at Vancouver Island University and first hand experience as a creative entrepreneur, I spent around eight years in the creative professional world of photography, web and identity design, and marketing for small businesses. This combined with a need for travel and connection, gave me a unique learning experience that would not have otherwise been possible. However, despite the beautiful projects I produced for my clients I felt there was a gap in truly solving their business problems, and this feeling was haunting me. You know that feeling you get when you miss a sitter in the 90th minute to win the game?

Photo of Stevie Vagabond with a young Panamanian.

Then I discovered brand strategy and design thinking! It was a game-changer for me. It unlocked a whole new perspective, giving me the tools to create lasting impacts for my clients’ business success.

Linking this with my love for the beautiful game was the final piece of the puzzle. The principles I had learned and lived in soccer found their application in mentorship and brand strategy, merged with my current values and beliefs as a Bahรก’รญ, and thus, Postur was born.

Brand Strategy For Footballers

Photo of Stephen Ewashko talking to a group of young footballers.

Now, I channel all my experience, both from the soccer field and the creative studio, combined with my passion for service to humanity, into helping our clients at Postur. I’m excited to bring my expertise to your team, assisting you in elevating your brand. With the spirit of the beautiful game running through our veins and a humble posture of learning, together, we’ll help your personal brand reach its potential.


To empower the modern footballer to take ownership of their own personal brand, and leverage it’s power for further success during their career and beyond footy, for the betterment of themselves, the beautiful game, and, most importantly, the world around them. Soccer is more than just a game and we are more than just footballers.


To shift the mindset of thousands of footballers and make it a standard practice for them to think of themselves as business owners, so that they can take control of their personal brand and make the most of their careers while they are playing, and be prepared for their life beyond footy. Footballers can get, and should be getting, more out of their career.


To see a world where professional footballers are consciously and confidently utilizing the power of their brand, responsibly, in a way that is beneficial and meaningful to them and those they come in to contact with, thus inspiring future generations to follow in their footsteps. The world needs more positive role models.

Take your career to the next level.