What are you doing when you’re not playing football?

Tap into the Power of Personal Branding & Stand Out On and Off the Pitch 👀

In the world of football, being exceptional goes beyond your performance on the pitch. No one can rely completely on talent alone. It’s also about creating and showcasing your own unique identity. Drawing upon firsthand experience as a former professional and a current strategist, Stevie’s mission in creating Postur is to add a valuable asset to your kit bag that was missing during his career, ensuring you have the advantage both on and off the field.

What is it?

We’ve designed the Postur Training Camp™ based off of a proven brand strategy framework, combined with a lifetime of experience in the footy world and then adapted it over time through it’s applications with our footballers. Our programs are crafted to discover your brand from its foundational aspects, focusing on both the seen and unseen components of your brand identity, while empowering you with clarity and confidence to begin truly owning your brand and creating new opportunities for your career and beyond.

You’ve got three options:

  1. Personalized/Individual Level:
    • 1-on-1 with Stevie
    • dig deep in to your personal brand, discover your unique value, and learn how to utilize it for further exposure and career growth
    • 4-12 weeks depending on your needs and availability
    • recommended for those who are truly committed to getting the most out of their footy career and beyond
  2. Group/Team Level:
    • Stevie will guide you and your teammates through your brands foundation and the fundamentals of it’s application in your daily life.
    • 1-on-1 session with Stevie at the beginning of the program and at the end
    • meeting as a team weekly where Stevie will take you through exercises to uncover more value and learn to get more out of your footy career
    • offers the chance to collaborate with teammates and have more support beyond the program
    • for those with a lower budget
    • minimum 5 players needed to begin
  3. Young Footballers Empowerment Program:
    • 1-on-1 with Stevie on a monthly schedule that suits your budget and needs best (3-5 calls per month)
    • players will understand what it truly takes to succeed at the highest level beyond talent and physical fitness
    • emphasis on character development, responsibility and morality, and planting seeds of the business mindset in preparation for their career — including life beyond footy
    • required 3-Month commitment up front

Who’s it for?

Our programs are specifically aimed at professional players wanting to leverage the reputation they already have, or young footballers who are wanting to break on to the scene, who are willing to invest in their brand and are looking to get more out of their career.

We understand your need to attract attention from scouts, sponsors, and a loyal fan base. Whether you’re seeking that first contract, you’re in the middle of your career, or you’re in those final stages preparing for life beyond footy, our training camp is the strategic play you need.

Phase 1.0 – Scouting Your Brand

Every successful game starts with a solid strategy. The same applies to your brand. In this phase, we delve into the building blocks of your brand, its characteristics that make it unique to you and relatable to others, and the goals that drive it forward into your career and beyond. With this foundation we move into the next steps.

Phase 2.0 – Identify Your Supporters

Knowing your fans, and your audience, is crucial. In this phase, we’ll help you define your target audience, including sponsors and other clubs, and begin gathering feedback and research on their perception of you. We’ll identify the gaps you can fill, allowing you to set yourself apart from the competition and connect directly with your supporters. With this new clarity we move into the next steps.

Phase 3.0 – Chart a New Course

With clarity and insight gleaned from the training camp and its research, we set a new direction for your brand. This phase involves mapping out prioritized actionable steps to fill the identified gaps and kickstart your branding journey with a new postur, a renewed confidence and increased focus, while planting the seeds for further adjustment and growth moving forward.

With our Postur Training Camp™, your personal brand has the potential to transcend the traditional boundaries of the sport. Realize the power of strategic branding and prepare to be truly seen, both on and off the pitch.

A Little Bit More
Why is Brand Strategy relevant to soccer?

It is all about finding what truly makes you unique on and off the pitch. For a successful career we need to be able to stand out, and it is very important that we stand out in a way that is authentic and true to ourselves. Through our brand, whether it is a club, or a personal brand, we are able to communicate more effectively with our supporters, stand out amongst competition, become more attractive to the right types of sponsorships, and even prepare for life beyond footy when the day comes.

What is Brand Strategy?

Brand Strategy is a product of combining necessary information about a brand with market research results in order to come up with clear solutions to problems and achieve business goals and objectives. Brand strategy is the driving force for all branding, marketing, and business development efforts.

What is in the Framework?

The 5 P’s originally created by Anneli Hansson:

  1. Purpose: the building blocks of your brands fundamentals including your vision, mission and goals. Why do you exist?
  2. Personality: the next step to your fundamentals is what makes you relatable to your audience. Who are they talking to?
  3. People: your target audience clearly defined and understood at an empathetic level. Who are you talking to?
  4. Positioning: the differentiating factor of what makes you unique among your peers. Why would they choose you?
  5. Planning: the strategy defined in actionable steps that you can take immediately. What should you do next?

*After hundreds of hours applying this framework we have made necessary adjustments to make it relevant to footballers and their unique requirements for a successful personal brand.

What do I get out of the Training Camp?

In addition to a sharper focus, and a deeper understanding of everything that defines your brand, you will have new inspiration, new insights, and new ideas based off of hours of in-depth exploration with a strategist. New momentum will have begun as you start to nourish new and existing relationships with fans, clubs, sponsors, etc. The next steps you take will be clearly laid out for you in a game-plan that will be delivered at the end of the training camp.

If you have done the full personalized training camp the game-plan will also include the description and results of the market research that was done, insights from the gap analysis, and suggestions as to what should be done to solve the problems that were found. You will be able to use aspects of the training camp for the lifetime of your brand, and for those aspects that need more constant attention you’ll utilize the game-plan to address them. If you’re happy with your strategist you’ll be able to utilize them for future projects.

Do you have Training Camps for teams?

Our Postur Training Camp™ can be used for individuals and groups/teams. Working in a team setting allows for the unique opportunity to develop together and provide instant feedback along the journey between teammates. Further collaboration opportunities have arisen out of this group approach and value has been identified for clubs as well in their ongoing branding efforts as they seek to improve their community and fan engagement.

Do you have Training Camps for teens/youth?

We created the Young Footballers Empowerment Program (YFEP) specifically for this purpose. The goal of the YFEP is to help young aspiring professional footballers understand what it truly takes to succeed at the highest level with emphasis on character development, responsibility and morality, and planting seeds of the business mindset in preparation for their career — including life beyond footy.

The program is inspired by the 97/3 statistic where, individually, 97% of a match is played without the ball and just 3% with the ball on average.

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